May 2015

mountain range at sunrise or sunset

What it means to be Sensitive

I’m a sensitive person. All of my life I’ve heard, “Don’t be so sensitive” or “You cry all the time”. I’ve been teased for showing my emotions and for feeling “too much”.  I’ve frustrated my family members when I’ve made a big deal about “nothing” and I’ve made good friends feel bad when my tears show up. I’ve felt deep…

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sitting near ocean on cliff

My Mom Didn’t Make Me Bulimic

My mom is a badass. She celebrated her 60th birthday last year with her first tattoo, a hummingbird inked into her wrist. The bright colors are extraordinary.  Several weeks after her tat job, she hosted a dinner party. Her friend’s husband disapprovingly looked down at my mom’s wrist and asked, “What does your husband think about all of this?” Without…

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