July 2015

Woman on rocks hands open at sunset

The Eating Disorder Muck Journal

I had always imagined eating disorder recovery would be this smooth transition into simply ‘knowing better’, the way other people always seemed to ‘know better’ than me. I realized the journey through recovery didn’t even begin until I started writing down my eating disorder experience in a real way. A long time ago, I made journaling a requirement and it lost…

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Clothing laundry line

Clothes are Memories

I wore an old-lady dress to my senior prom. I didn’t plan for it to happen that way but it’s the way my cookie crumbled. All of my friends flaunted airy, spring-colored floor length gowns and I wore a black cocktail dress that fell at an odd angle against my shins. It had perky, white sunflower-lined straps. I look back…

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