Real Life Book Club is a movement. Our Founder, Susannah Campora has created a thriving community of inspiring entrepreneurs, work-from-home mommies and professional weekend warriors.

Ten women get to know each other during a 6-week book club session where we read and practice tools learned from personal development books.

In addition to the 6-week book club sessions, we gather every other month at Real Life Book Club (RLBC) Socials which are held at The Studio. Tickets to our next RLBC Social on September 28th, can be purchased HERE.

The RLBC Socials are founded in real connection because we give each other real support in our book clubs. Connecting and re-connecting with one another outside of a 6-week book club is a highlight in our schedules. Many of us have attended each social that’s been hosted! Susannah’s leadership inspires our community to feel like we can do anything and be anything our hearts desire. It’s exhilarating to be on the ground floor of a conscious community that is blowing up!


We talk through the parts of our lives that keep us stagnant until one by one we watch each other soar.

It’s miraculous to witness.

We practice being REAL with each other in a safe environment. This means we can express our desires to start a business, or talk about how to practice more presence with children. Its okay to talk about getting cut off while driving into work or how we might feel stuck in once specific area of our lives but everything else feels really good! We all understand because we all experience those same feelings.

Susannah’s RLBC Social format goes like this:

It starts with an hour of connecting while sipping wine and munching on appetizers. I bring a coffee mug filled with steamy decaffeinated tea. I try to stay away from inflammatory foods and drinks for my recently diagnosed gout. The RLBC community welcomes the newbies while the old RLBCers hug and check-in with familiar faces. The panelists are invited to share the floor with Susannah. She prompts them to speak with interesting questions.

The three speakers reflect on how they became courageous women who are living their dreams. The packed audience sits in awe and we feel chills run up and down our spines. Hairs stick up on our arms. I scribble away, taking mad notes. I’d like to have what they’re having, please.

We break off for small group-work where we answer questions so we can better know one another. These are led by RLBC Leaders who are in-training or who have their own 6-week RLBC sessions running.

Lastly, Susannah raffles off incredible gifts that seem to go on and on! It almost feels like everyone’s a winner! It’s very common for coaches and body therapists to stand on chairs and gift impromptu healing sessions in order to keep the hootin’ n’ hollerin going’! THINK Oprah-Winfrey’s-Favorite-Things shows.

Our community is a rare find. I hope you check for yourself to see what the fuss is about. If this is the first time you’ve heard about Real Life Book Club, just know that you’ll end up hearing about it again, and again… That’s what kept happening to me. People know about us! The word is spreading!

Climbing steps shoes

Below is the Recap of our July Real Life Book Club Social. I wish you could have been there and I’m thrilled if you were!

The July Social featured panelists who spoke straight from their hearts. They shared powerful stories and anecdotes from lessons learned on their journeys. My biggest takeaway was knowing that we are much more alike than different!

Brandi Hancock, owner of S.W.E.A.T., a hot pink, black and glitter-splattered gym in Colorado Springs (if you build it, they will come), shared her ‘Aha’ moment. She recalled the exact moment when she was struck to turn her life around. Brandi was just 19 years-old when it happened. She was smoking two packs of cigarettes a day and she was wearing size 24 pants on her small frame. While climbing what should have been a simple flight of stairs, she was fighting for each breath. Every step felt like an eternity on her overweight body. She was so lost and so sad. Once Brandi summited the staircase, she knew that she was going to die if she didn’t make different choices.

Nilmini Hecox, President and Founder of Silkstone talked about building her life around her career and being stuck in a pattern of working without balance. She shared how lonely the view is once a person reaches ‘the top’. Nilmini revealed a memory about missing a special moment in her daughter’s life- her kindergartner had performed a dance in front of the entire school and Nilmini’s couldn’t attend because she was powering through another long night at work. It broke her heart. She decided right then and there that she wanted to lead her life with what mattered most; family.

Christine Hutchins Chavez, Creator of Superior Interviewing & Careers shared her path of working in the corporate world and knowing in her guts that there was more to life than the standard 9 to 5. She started asking herself, What would happen if I got past these negative tapes in my mind? What if I let go of what I think I should do and should say? Christine had to get past her old beliefs of needing to be perfect and her concern of what other people thought. She discovered that living a “good enough” life meant that she was living the small version of what her life could be. She stopped pushing her way through life and started leading it by receiving.

Just like most Real Life Book Club-ers in the audience, I related to each story in a tangible way. I spent decades of my life removed from the practices of self-care while working as a ‘Business Betty’. The one relationship I could count on was my career, even though I let it swallow me up and spit me out each weekend.

I had a little voice screaming at me to change my lifestyle and to start following my dreams. It took me 20 years to listen, to follow my heart. I wrote the first draft of my book in 3 months and I was recently accepted in a 2-Year writing program at Lighthouse Writer’s Workshop with the brilliant Bradley West (Wetzler). His brilliance is going to help craft my writing style. I feel like my wildest book dreams are going to come true because of the Book Project program!

I kicked off in May and I try to post each Friday. If I miss a week, I’m not hard on myself. I want to be though. My guilt can creep up on me with little effort because those feelings are familiar. In the past, I didn’t know how to not think shitty thoughts about myself all day long. I had to change, something had to give. When I don’t post on a Friday it means I’ve had a short week or I’m laser-focused on outbound projects or housekeeping task that I’ve assigned myself. Something’s gotta give.

Real Life Book Club came into my life at the right time. I needed to feel supported.

The Leadership program that Susannah offers has accelerated every aspect in my life! I spend every waking moment working in my office or practicing self-care. What does my body need? Am I getting stiff? Do I want to eat something light to stay feeling satisfied and not stuffed? Should I say yes to that or do I need to be writing?

I like to spend my moments with stuff that fills my heart, like dates with family, dear friends and new RLBC friends. I try to say no to as much as possible so I can work. If I feel like someone or a situation is not serving my highest good, then I dare to have honest conversation’s and I chose to learn from those feelings.

I’m free and on fire!

I just completed my Leader Training. I’m launching my first RLBC session on September 15th. Wish me luck! Details right HERE.

I chose, “Feeding the Hungry Heart” by Geenen Roth.

Today I felt insecure about selecting a book that was about eating and food. I’m going to look like I have food issues. This is going to be so embarrassing. I should have chosen a less topic-focused book. Stop it.

I had to remind myself what I’ve chosen to do with my life- write about this exact kind of body shame and all the food secrets that go along with it.

I can do this. I’m meant to offer this kind of book to my RLBC community. Maybe my next book club session will be a Virtual RLBC Session to open the doors to my friends in Boston (Ashley), Arizona (Sunshine) and Colorado Springs (oldies but goodies-go Rampart!).

The possibilities are endless with RLBC…






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