On Everything Else

Clothing laundry line

Clothes are Memories

I wore an old-lady dress to my senior prom. I didn’t plan for it to happen that way but it’s the way my cookie crumbled. All of my friends flaunted airy, spring-colored floor length gowns and I wore a black cocktail dress that fell at an odd angle against my shins. It had perky, white sunflower-lined straps. I look back…

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mountain range at sunrise or sunset

What it means to be Sensitive

I’m a sensitive person. All of my life I’ve heard, “Don’t be so sensitive” or “You cry all the time”. I’ve been teased for showing my emotions and for feeling “too much”.  I’ve frustrated my family members when I’ve made a big deal about “nothing” and I’ve made good friends feel bad when my tears show up. I’ve felt deep…

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